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Radoslaw Karasiewicz-Szczypiorski PhD


Interests: Roman Army, Roman Fortifications, Roman military Presence extra fines Imperii, Medieval Fortifications, Modern Fortifications

PhD thesis: "Chersonesus Taurica in The Roman Period". Department of History, University of Warsaw, 2003, under the supervision of Prof. T. Sarnowski

PhD students:

  • Maciej Czapski (WH UW);
  • Maciej Marciniak (WH UW);
  • Izabela Kiedrowicz (within the framework of Interdyscyplinarne Humanistyczne Studia Doktoranckie na UW);
  • Viacheslav Gerasimov (within the framework of Środowiskowych Interdyscyplinarnych Studiów Doktoranckich prowadzonych przez WH UW i WB UW w Ośrodku Badań nad Antykiem Europy Południowo-Wschodniej);

Education and Professional experience:

1991-1996Master degree studies at the Institute of Archaeology (UW - University of Warsaw)
1993-1997cmember of a scientific project entitled Nymphaion - history and culture of the Greek polis (supervisor - Prof. A. Wąsowicz - IAiE PAN - Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology at the Polish Academy of Sciences)
1995-1996scholarship of the Ministry of National Education
1996Master of Archaeology (Institute of Archaeology, University of Warsaw)
1996Researcher at the Institute of Archaeology UW
1997training at the Laboratory Geolittomer (2-week stay at Nantes) interpretation of aerial photographs and satellite pictures
1997-2001post-graduate studies at the Faculty of History UW; thesis' topic: Tauric Chersonese and its rural territories during the Roman period, topography, architecture, settlement (supervisor - Prof. T. Sarnowski)
2002Junior Researcher at the Institute of Archaeology UW
2003PhD, researcher with the position of adjunct at the Department of Archaeology of Roman Provinces at the Institute of Archaeology UW
2007-2013Head of Expedition of the Institute of Archaeology UW in Crimea (excavations of Roman watchtowers in Sevastopol, fieldwalking in the Balaklava Valley, underwater surveys in Alushta, excavations of a Roman fort in Balaklava)
2012diving certificate OWD - PADI
2012-2014Adjunct at the Department of Underwater Archaeology IA UW
from 2014Head of Expedition of the Institute of Archaeology UW and the Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology UW in Georgia (site at Gonio - Roman fort Apsaros, Ajara)
from 2015Senior Assistant at the Department of Archaeology of Roman Provinces, IA UW
2017Prime Minister Award for excellence (highly valued achievements leading to the obtainment of the title - habilitated doctor)

Present research: field and underwater survey in the surroundings of Chersonesus (Crimea).

Excavation no. 1:

  • Person conducting excavation: Radoslaw Karasiewicz-Szczypiorski (partner: Oleg Savelya)
  • Site name: Balaklawa-Kadykovka
  • Country: Ukraine (Crimea)
  • GPS coords: 44°31’03,71” N 33°35’42,13” E
  • Type of the site: Roman Fort
  • Starting date: 2009–2013
  • Research CEO: Radosław Karasiewicz-Szczypiorski (partner ukraiński: Oleg Savelya)
  • Involved institutions: National Preserve of Tauric Chersonesos
  • Description of the research: commander's house (praetorium), defensive walls
  • Project: Extra fines Imperii. Unknown Bases of the Roman Army in Crimea (National Centre of Education)

Excavation no. 2:

  • Person conducting excavation: Radoslaw Karasiewicz-Szczypiorski (partner gruziński Prof. Shota Mamuladze)
  • Site name: Gonio-Apsaros
  • Country: Georgia (Ajara)
  • GPS coords: 41°34’24,35” N 41°34’27,65” E
  • Type of the site: Roman Fort
  • Starting date:
    • 2012 – first non-invasive survey
    • 2014 – excavations starting date
  • Research CEO: Radoslaw Karasiewicz-Szczypiorski (partner Prof. Shota Mamuladze)
  • Involved institutions: Agency for Cultural Heritage Preservation of Ajara
  • Description of the research: Roman garrison bathhouse (balnaeum), commander's house (praetorium), granary (horreum), defensive walls
  • Project: Roman fort Apsaros – place in a local environment and role in the border control system of the Roman Empire (National Centre of Education)

Wykopaliska Wykopaliska

Obtained research grants::

  • National Centre of Education:
    Transcaucasia and the Roman Empire - Roman Objectives on the Empire’s Fringes, and the Impact of Imperial Neighborhood,
    65 BC - AD 387

    (Research Partner)
    The grant will be performed during the period 2018-2019
  • Narodowe Centrum Nauki:
    Rzymski fort Apsaros – miejsce w lokalnym środowisku i rola w systemie kontroli granic Imperium Romanum
    (Kierownik Grantu)
  • National Centre of Education (allocated by the Ministry of Education and Tertiary Education:
    Extra fines Imperii.Nieznane bazy wojsk rzymskich na Krymie
    Nr: N N109 317537
    (the project was completed and closed)
  • National Centre for Research and Development:
    Underwater Archaeology - development and enhancement of the educational offer and staff's qualifications
    at the Institute of Archaeology UW

    Agreement number: UDA - POKL.04.01.01-00-175/09-00
    (funded by the European Social Fund);
    (the project was completed and closed)
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs:
    Common Board, Common Heritage. A new view on Polish and Turkish castles on the river Dniester
    (the project was completed and closed)

Professional experience in Poland and abroad during the Master degree studies (participation in excavation, surface and geophysical surveys):

  • Poland - Kichary Nowe (1991-1996); Niedźwiedziówka (1992); Płock (1995-1996)
  • Germany - Altdorf-Friedhof (1993)
  • Ukraine - Nymphaion (1994-1996)

Professional experience in Poland and abroad after the obtainment of the Master degree::

  • Bulgaria
    • Novae (1997) 2 weeks, sector supervisor, field documentation oversight;
  • Ukraine
    • Nymphaion (1997) 4 weeks, surface survey and test pit supervision, documentation oversight;
    • Balaklava (1997-1999 i 2003) 4 months altogether, co-supervisor (together with prof. T. Sarnowski);
    • Kazackaya Hill (Sewastopol) - Roman watchtower (2000-2002) 3 months altogether, co-supervisor (together with prof. T. Sarnowski);
    • Kavkaz Bair (Sewastopol) - Roman watchtower (2004-2007) 4 months altogether, co-supervisor (together with prof. T. Sarnowski);
    • Balaklawa Valley (2004-2007) 4 months altogether, surface surveys supervisor. The aim of these researches was the update a the archaeological sites' map as well as the establishment of foundations leading to a comprehensive study of the settlement;
    • Karagach (Sewastopol) - searches for a Roman watchtower (2008) 1 month - head of mission;
    • Balaklawa (Kadykovka district) - Roman fort excavations (2009-2013) 5 months - head of mission;
  • Georgia
    • Gonio (Roman fortress Apsaros) - non-invasive survey and excavations within the fortress (2012, 2014-2017),discovery of the Tribune's dwelling (praetorium) with private baths and latrine, as well as a floor mosaic in one room; 7 months altogether - head of mission;
  • Polska
    • Warsaw - King's Castle - Kubicki Arcades, Vasa period's fortifications on the Vistula's side (1997-2000); ca 6 months yearly - surveys' vice-supervisor;
    • Warsaw - Wilanów - Palace and park complex (2003-2004); 4 months altogether, sector or trench supervisor (area excavation method);
    • Warsaw - Natolin - Palace and park complex: Upper Park, (2007); 1 month, head of interdisciplinary researches in connection with the searches of the so-called Nero's Tomb;
    • Warsaw - Saint Jack's Church and Dominican Brothers' Monastery, Freta str. 10, (2008); supervisor (oversight of bores and test pits in the vicinity of the features;
    • Warsaw - Visitation Sisters' Monastery,, (2009-2010, 2017) supervisor during the renovation works in the monastery and in the vicinity of the church;
    • Warsaw - Casimir's Palace, (2017) head of archaeological and architectural researches on the remains of Villa Regia, a Vasa building;